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Calling for japanese card collector

Hello, comrades! Recall what I talked the other day about trading my binder for Altaria cards? Well, the end of this story is that I have purchased ALL the Altaria cards! Yes, ALL. Well, my wallet really hurts but I am so happy that I just finished thie quest so fast. Some of the cards are even 1st ed, but I guess no one really cares about that 1st or 2nd ed thing as long as it is not from the Bast Set. Haha. I think I overpaid for the ex delta species Altaria for like 1500 yen. But it is a 1st ed plus it is mint, so I don't really care about that. I got a bunch of cards from a second-hand goods store for only 30 yen, and I would call that a deal in balance between the condition and value. Hopefully most of them are above excellent condition. Dream not coming true? lol.

Now I am with my fingers crossed and hope the cards will arrive safe and sound. Since I bought them from different yahoo sellers and second-hand goods store so I am little worried, but I have a deep faith in japanese sellers so that is not a problem on my mind. I will make a nice collection update when they all arrive, hopefully in the end of this month.

Sorry for the boring post with only words. I have a quick question about a card store named I have seen that their price is about the same as the market price, just like the store here such as trollandtoad or professor-oak. Did anyone order cards from them and how is the overall condition of the cards? I just started an Espeon collection and want to order some cards from them.

Finally, I want someone who bought these cards to tell me about the range to pay for these two cards. I saw they were listed for approx. 2500 and 1500 yen respectively, but I just want to assure the price is reasonable. Thank you for your reading and have a good afternoon/night/day.

Finally I just want to share some tips on shipping your packages and I think it is worth some notes.
1. I believe the Paypal has uped their First-Class Mail shipping rate from $1.69 to $1.93 for packages weighing under 3oz I guess? Maybe some other weight packages but it is really a pain when you usually ship these weight packages as I do. I did not even notice that change when I shipped most of my packages this week. They made the change last September but I never received an email like a shipping charge increase. Hidden fees, hidden fees, man.

2. The usps online postage system problem. I do not know if anyone shares the same problem with I do. But the system will stop me from proceeding to print my label for asking me to "Choose a Shipping Date" though I have already done so. I asked a technician on USPS and he told me to Clear you cache - Restart your browser/ Change another browser, but that just does not work as I did (and cleared my saved cache, passwords, searching options is just another pain). Let me know if you have encountered the same problem, and if it is resolved. I usually use it to cut some charges both on me and buyers' sides, so I am very unwillingly to see this occurs.

3. Finally just a trick, for international first-class mail ONLY, the customs number on the receipt you get serves as a tracking number inside the US so you can track it at least inside the US. My postman just told me that you cannot get first-class mail tracking, and I told them there is free delivery confirmation when you print the postage online. So I just tried input the customs number when I bought the postage in the office instead of online, and it WORKS!

Hope these tips can help our comrades win a battle against our everlasting foe. lol

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