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Gen 6 Pokedolls and Mirage Plush Find!

My package from sunyshore arrived yesterday, and thus it is now review time for the recent set of gen 6 pokedolls!

Update at my collection site:

We'll start off with some of my most recent gets from SMJ, and one from kephisos.

Pokedoll house! I've wanted it only for Darkrai, Mew, and Victini, (and the cardboard house) since I got the rest of them separately <3 I sold Meloetta to a friend, and the Keldeo and pikachu were given to another friend as late Birthday presents. The box was heaver then I was expecting it to be.

Dragonite canvas <3 There's a funny story with him, but it's best that I don't mention it.

Then the last thing from the box was this beautiful Pikachu couple <3 I decided to take a chance and bid on them, without expecting to win, but I did. They're so lovely!

Oversized Kyogre from kephisos! He was the last Oversized of the Hoenn region that I needed to complete the trio!

They are awesome.

Now Groudon and Kyogre should behave. Rayquaza is watching.

Custom Beheeyem Pokedoll tags from dokurog. I plan to commission someone to make a Beheeyem pokedoll in the future. The artwork is so beautiful!

I found this mudkip at work XD I have a laying hasbro mudkip, but I wanted another. This guy has a lot of paint stains on him though.

Now we'll get started on the new pokedolls!!

Claunher Pokedoll <33 Ahh this guy is one of my faves. I love how rounded his little claws are.

Next to the PokeCen Clauncher.

The Pokedoll is so compact. I'm a bit peeved that the yellow spot behind his large claw wasn't embroidered, but instead had a glue on.

... This guy... ehhh... He feels very flat tbh. His ears are flat, his tail is flat... it's like he got squished when they made him. :/ He doesn't compare to the Buneary pokedoll. I really think they should've stuffed his ears, since they looked muscular in the anime and game sprite.

Panchaaaam! This guy is just too cute! I'm glad that they didn't embroder his leaf, and instead it's a glue on.




I love the simplicity of his Pokedoll, but they had to use the SOFTEST and CUDDLIEST material to make him!!!

Only downside is that his tonge is embrodered ^^;;; I think I would've preferred it with fabric. This is just me though.




Here he is compared with the Pokecen plush.

Somethings I'm a bit disappointed by... First is the firey tuft on his har. It's not puffed out like the PokeCen version. It's just a flat piece of fabric. :/

Another is the tail. The fabric in between the tuft and body is very thin, it'sjust one piece of fabric, rather then a pice of fabric sewn in a loop... like the Shinx Pokedoll.

Mega Absol plush! I love how beautiful this one is made <3 I'm not a fan of Absol, but I love how pretty the plush is!


And my Furfrou charms have finally arrived They were forgotten in last months package of Pokedolls <33 I had another set ordered from SMJ earlier, but they are severely delayed. My friend wants the other set, so I'm gonna let her have those.

Now for the Mirage Pikachu plush my friend and I spotted at work!!

He's so chubby and fat! The eyes are made of plastic, but his red cheeks are made of metal! He's unlike any Pikachu plush i've ever seen. He's a but worn out and dirty with a few stains on him.

His tail and ears aren't stuffed, and his pattern is unique.

His tush tag holds no answers to his origins. This is all it says.

The other side is blank.

Do you think it was a mirage Pikachu we found? <33


Well that concludes this collection update!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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