Evie the Snowy ✿ (eviesnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Evie the Snowy ✿

Sylveon Plushie Wants

Sometimes I stare at Pokévault and cry because of how expensive they seem to be. Sob.

If *anyone* is able to post to the UK and wants to sell their Sylveon plushies *with tags* or could possibly even pick one up for me, I would love that person forever.

I'm particularly after...

- Takara Tomy Talking Sylveon Plush Toy (MAJORLY wantneed this)
- Takara Tomy Sitting Plush (I have this one but it's a bootie and I require a legit one too)
- Pokémon Center Standing Plush
- Pokémon Center Mini Sitting Plush

Those are the ones I'm really wanting but honestly anything at this point will do, there's a serious lack of Sylveon plushies in my life!

(Also the talking palm figure is amazing and I want it.)
Tags: sylveon, wanted
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