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Hey all.  I've been a member here for a month or two, but haven't been able to get any pics of my collection up.
There's nothing too special - nothing really old or rare - and it's all pretty much American bought.  Lots of Jakks and such.  :p  Although this post sadly does not include my figures - They're still locked up in my boyfriend's house because I forgot to get them before he left for the semester.  X3 oopth.

Anyway!  Pics!  (this too way too long.  LJ ATE MY LAST VERSION OF THIS)
Should be all fixed now.  Before too much notice... >:)

First - The games.
Not all I have - Not pictured are Blue, Red, Crystal, N64 and GC games...
...Hey, who's holding those?

That looks like...  Could it BE?

Yes, it's Shuckle!  She's ceramic.  :3  About 2/3 as long as my DS lite, and full of love!

lol butt.

Also, a cameo by my big toe.  WIN.
You might also be able to see - She's smiling :3

Anyway.  More customs in a sec.
Plush next!

My sock monkey wanted to be in it.  The bed is HIS territory, after all.
Behind everyone is my one Pokemon shirt.  :3 It's all Gen 1 Pokemon, and I'm sure you've all seen it a million times.  Got it in a Hot Topic - I can usually find more Pokemon stuff there than at a Wal-Mart.  O_O

Slightly hidden in this pic are Budew, Mantyke, and Buizel.  Buizel has his nose cocked off to one side.  X3
There's a really old Pikachu with his tail split down the center, whom I got from a friend when we were in high school.  Up in the left hand corner above him is the Sudowoodo I got from funkicarus pointed out a few years back this item on sale wicked cheap when the Pokemon Center online store was around.  I wonder if they remember that.  Hmm.
FIVE BUCKS.  yo.  It's a bit snug for my melon, but heck.  It was made for small children - not shrimpy adults with big heads.  :B

Small, handmade figures.  Sculpey-fied.  I had more to say about these guys, but it was baleeted by LJ.  XB

Size reference.  Yeah, she's shrimpy.  But the best of the batch, I think.

Yeah, the weird one in the back of the group pic?
He's an invented Pokemon.  :B  Hope I'm not the only one who ever did that.
He's shuckle's evolution, and I've dubbed him Shlurk.  He's a diseased slug.
MMMMM.  Enjoy looking at his veiny goodness.

Heh.  That's it for now.  I doubt after the last few things I bought come in the mail, I'll be getting anything else for quite some time.
Vee = jobless.

I will however be making more customs.  :3  They keep me busy.  So once I have a good batch, I'll post the good ones.  (with less pictures, so I don't spend the entirety of another day cursing and editing lj-posts.)

Thanks for looking.  ^_^
If I tagged wrong, or the images screw up, I apologize.  Even after reading FAQs for hours, I'm still LJ-retarded.  At least it's all under a cut.

This community kicks ass - I'm glad to be a part of it.  <3

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