Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

So last week was Kumoricon and I loaded myself down with Pokémon goodies!

Croagunk with light-up cheeks, Tropius with star necklace, Heatran, fanart of Domino and IMM battling, fanart of Jirarudan blissing out on bubbles (...someone on warewacollector requested this. Don't look at me like that), "Lapras Makes a Friend", Ho-Oh figure, "Dealing with the Anime Illiterate" booklet (this has a REALLY funny line about Pokémon in it that I'll get to later), "Diglett's Birthday Party" (which has TWO REAL DOGS in it), Dragon Half on DVD, Yanmega figure, Tyranitar figure...

...Piplup holding star, Puni Puni Poemy on DVD, con badge autographed by three guests, Empoleon keychain with wings out, con book, Digimon card autographed by two voice actors (one at a previous con), black mage pin saying "I put on my robe and wizard hat!", Empoleon keychain with wings down, Crayon Shin-Chan vol 5, Piplup with ice cream (notice it's not holding the cone, it's just kinda leaning there), Hayate the Combat Butler vol 1, Yakitate Japan vol 1, Girl Genius vol 1 autographed by the writers/artists, Tezuka sampler, Staraptor, and Bellossom with maracas.

Also, can someone invite me to the chat? Trillian is a pain and won't let me invite myself (it opens a window *called* pkmncollectors, but it's empty).

Oh yes, and the really funny line that booklet has is when it's talking about sexual jokes in anime, and it says "Watch some subtitled Pokémon, and the content suddenly gets a lot more adult." So I told her that the absolute filthiest line I've ever heard in this series was a dub addition (when Brock is coming on to Domino. If you've heard it, you can never UN-hear it).
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