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Small sales!

We moved recently and I have a few things I just can't fit on my shelves and don't care much for, so they're going up for sale. C: Plus it's nearly my birthday and I gotta get myself a present, obviously.Check under the cut for Pokemon Center Zekrom, fluffy-tail Eevee, Pokémon Time Dragonair and lots of figures!

I also still have a beautiful custom Umbreon plush by yutaka-yumi for sale - I'd really like to get it off to it's new home, so if you're interested please throw an offer my way. c:

Sales permission granted last year by allinia.
I ship from the UK, and shipping starts at $5.50.
I can be a slow shipper, so let me know if you need your item quickly. :D
Please let me know if you think the prices are too high too... I'd rather sell this stuff than not!
I will accept trades if you have something I'm after. I collect Slowpoke/bro/king, Bidoof/Bibarel and Suicune.

Pokemon Center Zekrom - I don't know how rare he is so I am going off of sold eBay listings. Asking $50 plus shipping. The plush is in mint condition however the tag has one small rip and a few critical creases. :C

Pokemon Time Dragonair - She is 100% legit, from a comm member. Such a pretty plush too. $30 plus shipping. MWT and in great condition.

Fuzzy Tail Eevee - I bought her on eBay but she's not really what I was expecting. Sorry Eevee! Tush tag only, mint condition. $20 plus shipping.


Eevee, Salamence, Manectric, Luxray $5 each
Other kids $2 each
Dome figures $3 each

Lugia/Giratina $5 each
Absol bath figure $10
Dialga (I have no idea what this is so $10 OBO?)
Everyone else $1

TOMYs $2 each
Only Seel left! Seel! Seel!
Tags: dragonair, eevee, figures, sales, zekrom
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