Because ponies... (yaoi_queen) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Because ponies...

Target Awesomeness!

Sorry for posting twice in one day, but I had to let you guys know what I found at Target today. ^___^ They have a new Pokemon shirt that looks pretty cool. Details under the cut.

Isn't it cool!? <3 Even though I fit just fine in a child's medium, I grabbed an XL so it can shrink into a large and fit great. ^_^
Also, this awesome Target had one last Pokemon tote pack on it's shelf and guess which one it was...

^______^ Yup! It's the one I wanted the most! Groudon~~!!! <333 Inside, I got these lovelies:

Not pictured is the Kyogre phone strap I gave to my sister since that was her legendary from R/S. ^_^ Chatot will make a cute addition to my collection of straps. As for the stickers, I want to sell Gengar and Mewtwo. So if anyone wants them, they will be 75¢ each.

Tags: pikachu
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