♡ Kami ♡ (pastelkittyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
♡ Kami ♡

Dice GB- Only one left to be claimed!

Hi guys! This is just a reminder that one die is still available from my Dice GB- #2! Only three Pokémon are visible in this picture, but it is actually six-sided!


You can make your claim by clicking the picture. :)

Also, I've updated my sales! There's plush, PokeCen charms, bath salt figures and more! Please check it out. :D For the people that have bought something from me or won any of my ramen sticker auctions, everything will be mailed out this Saturday.

Tags: eevee, froakie, group buy, marill, sales, squirtle, vivillion, yveltal
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