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Secret Swap!!!

It was a Monday. After a long day at work - very long, as I was called in nearly five hours early and ended up working a 12 hour shift - I immediately fell into bed at seven AM, not to awake until five that evening. I went to the mailbox, expecting either a bunch of cable and credit card ads or a hollow metal interior staring tauntingly back at me, laughing at me for walking that arduous twenty feet for nothing.
Yet, to my surprise, there was something inside that was in a fine, bubble-coated package, lovingly protecting the contents inside. 'What could this be?' I wondered as I fought with the mailbox to get the package out, mentally ticking off the list of things I was waiting for. It was too thin a package to be a custom plush I was waiting for and it was much too soon for the package of Eeveelution pins I'd bought from a comm member.
And then I saw it. The picture that could only mean one thing:

An Eevee with a heart pretending it's Valentine's Day?! MY SECRET SPRING GIFT HAS ARRIVED.

Okay, silly anecdotes aside, let's dig right into this package that is full of SO MUCH AMAZING starting with the note:

And yes, my SS was Aleyina (also more commonly now known as Syminka, but in my mind she's still Aleyina because it takes me 12-and-a-half years to get used to username changes). Which made me super excited since I've done business with her so many times! She's helped my collection grow over the years. Off the top of my head I can still remember it was thanks to her I got a very hard-to-find movie 11 McDonalds poster and my Flygon Pokedex figure!
Anyways, nostalgia aside, look at how cute this note is. It's on some adorable stationary with a cute little Pika-drawing! It's such a sweet touch hehe!

And the gifts are even cuter~~~~!!!!

Ffff look at these cuties! The Flygon card is something I've needed for awhile now (I'm really behind on my cards). It's absolutely gorgeous in person and no camera will do it justice.
The Pikachu keychain is from the original Nagoya promo for the 10th anniversary for that region's Pokemon Center I believe. Either way I happened to get nothing from this promo even though I basically wanted everything. It had some gorgeous pieces in it - and this charm was one of them! It is absolutely precious and I really adore Pika's hat.
And then finally... the sticker! Or at least what I assume is a sticker. Either way - It's the derpest, most charming little Jolteon ever! And if it is a sticker, that's even more wonderful because I LOVE stickers. I used to collect them as a child so I've always had a fond spot for stickers. And even if it's not well... I'm a total artwork whore anyways.

Speaaaaking of which... There's one more gift that needs to shown here that came with a very gentle warning:

I assumed what was in here was a clearfile. It looked about the right size and it's typical to protect clearfiles with cardboard.

And then I opened it and what was inside blew my mind.


I don't even have words to express my joy and adoration for this! But I love everything about it! The excited expressions, the flowing motions, the stunning colors! When I had mentioned I liked custom artwork, I never expected to get such an elaborate and magnificent piece like this to add to my collection!

I mean I could gush for hours really, but I think the most important thing that needs to be said is THANK YOU SYMINKA! This was so extremely generous of you and I can't tell you how appreciative I am of how much thought and care you put into my gift! So just thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!

Now if everyone shall excuse me, I've got to go pick up the pieces of my brain.
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