tamago226 (tamago226) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mostly Eevee Auctions Reminder! Also, anyone wanna trade XY cards?

Hey all! Just posting a reminder for my auctions here! There's only about 2 hours to get bids in, so if you're thinking about it, go ahead and jump on it!

ALSO I was wondering if anyone would like to trade/partially trade XY TCG cards (only trades atm, I'll put them up for sale a bit later should I get no offers)! I'm searching for the Xerneas EX and full-art cards, and I have 3 ex cards up for grabs:

I'm also after a few other cards, namely reverse holographics of any inkay, malamar, and gourgeist cards, and I have a few holos (talonflame, slurpuff, and furfrou), reverse holos, and of course a ton of common cards to offer, so let me know if you're willing and what you'd like! I'll pretty much trade everything away if I can just get the Xerneas cards though, haha.

Thanks again, guys!! :D
Tags: auction, eevee, emolga, sales, skarmory, sylveon, venusaur
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