togachu (togachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Major Major Grail get and help completing a puzzle?

Hey all,

Long time no talk been busy with real life :(

I come with a major grail that I got recently. I spent my Tomy savings and got some help from my Grandparents as part of my bday to pay for it but I think it was way worth it. I have been looking for this for ages and have only found it twice! <3 <3 Click the cut to see what it is (It is Vulpix related)

It's the Hasbro Electronic Vulpix!!!


I was so so so happy to get this finally I have been searching for it for ages. The fact that it still works and makes noises still was a massive plus as it is so old.

It is soooo coool and cute at the same time probably the best thing I have in my collection :D

Also I am looking for help in completing this puzzle. These are the pieces that were given out in Australia with a Pizza Hut promotion years ago. I have 2 of the 4 puzzles completed. I need this puzzle completed and need the whole of another puzzle. If anyone can help me I would very much appreciate it :D It would be cool for the community to complete a puzzle :D



I am hoping to post more but I need to get a few things out of the way in real life -.-

Thanks for viewing :D
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