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Massive Gets Post and Rearranged Display!


So these are actually all the gets I got only in February! .___.
I waited till now for everything to arrive. :D
Due to my Birthday and some money I made with my commissions, I was able to buy a little more than usual, and I may never be able to get that much in just one month. :D

First off, some Pokedoll gets:


Riolu Pokedoll - He is so cute *___* Found him on Noppin, and my boyfriend gave him to me for my Birthday and he arrived today in the mail :D Love him <3


Buddieeees <3 These came from tryndamere, thank yoooou ^^ They are the 2010 American releases. They are so grumpeeeey <3


Yawarakai Hoothoot and Marill from Banpresto. :) I wanted that Hoothoot for quite a while, and I found him together with Marill as a duo on Noppin, so I bought them! They both had their tags, but I don't really collect Marill, but still, she is one of my favorites, so I took the tag off and now she is my bed buddy. ^^

And now on to my gets for my main collections: Charmander and Charizard!
First, Charmanders :)


Charmander Ichiban Kuji from Banpresto! Soooo cute. <3 I found him on Noppin too and he was super cheap o___o I got him for only around 500 Yen without fees, and he still had his box! He was not wrapped in plastic anymore, but still had the box. I removed him from the box though since I don't like it when one does not see him in all his cutest glory :D I am keeping the box though.


Aaaaaaaaaaah, cuteness overload! :D Another Banpresto Charmander I found on Noppin. Also: he is so fat from the side <3 He also still got his tag which is cool. ^^

Now: Charizards!


"Bitch, I'm fabulous!" :D
2013 Charizard Tomy yaaay! :) I was SO happy to finally get him! He also came from tryndamere. Honestly, this is the BEST Charizard plush EVER. He is just perfect. He is soo soft and looks so cute and beautiful. Oh yes. In Tomy we trust.

"Love meeeeeee"
Oh yes I will love you forever, I mean aaaah it's CHARIZARD PAKI PAKI! <3 *___* I saw him on Noppin and I HAD to have him. Look at him, look! Look at that perfect derpy face and his derpy teeth and that cute little tongue, just look and don't tell me that your heart has not been softened immediately. I love that Zard sooo much, I honestly can't even tell you how much. :O He just makes me want to pet and cuddle him all day.
Aaaand he came MIP! Again though, I took him gently out of his stand and kept the stand. ^^

And here he is from his best side:


Gjaaaaaaaaah ^____^ <3 *eternal love*

And now, this (at least for me) huge amounts of gets made me have to rearrange my collection display :D
Before, I got two shelves of collection, now I have three. ^^
Unfortunately, I had to split up my Charmanders and Charizards because they don't fit on one shelf anymore. My Charmanders now live with my Pokedolls.


As you can see, I also got a Gengar Pokedoll. Unfortunately, he is most probably a bootleg though. :( But he nevertheless stays with my other Pokedolls. <3

And I also got a Natu Kid figure. He is cuddled by Xatu.
Look at how cute they look together <3

Thanks for reading/watching :)
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