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Looking for some shinies

Hi everyone. I am currently looking for these guys.
Shiny Entei MWT = $180 shipped
Shiny Suicune MWT = $250 shipped
Shiny Raikou MWT = $250 shipped
**Detached tags are totally fine as long as they are included,minor creases are also okay.**

And some more of my wants:

Shipping is to USA.

Also, in case you missed it. I have my collection site now up! Feel free to check it out.

Dont forget my unending sales!

EDIT: Hope this is okay, but I need help to get a Shiny Charm on my Pokemon Y.
I am missing four: Unown, Kricketot, Kricketune, and Dusknoir. Pls pm me if you wanna help so we can exchange FCs. Thanks!

Thank you shuuichi_chan for helping me! ^__^
Tags: entei, houndour, raikou, sales, suicune, wanted, wants
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