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Psychic MoonShadow

Swcret Spring Swap Gets!

My spring swap packaged arrived last week, and it totally made my day! Thank you, miniterasu!

 photo DSC02419_zpscbeb5ccb.jpg
Ahhh awesome! I've wanted that Reshiram figure for ages even though I don't collect him, but he's so majestic! Grovyle is one of my favourite Pokemon, and it's really cool getting another figure of him - he looks kinda funny, but his mouth opens and closes when you pull his leaf up which is neat. And that Mewtwo keychain, omg!

 photo DSC02431_zpsa5e9f350.jpg
He's so pretty! Even the tag has a lovely print with Mewtwp, Genesect and Charizard. It's really sturdy and all metal, and I love it!

I didn't realize it at first, but they also included a lovely letter, with THE CUTEST MEW DRAWING AHHHH. I just wish it didn't have all those creases, ahaha.

I also took the opportunity to get some photos!
 photo DSC02428_zpsa8136493.jpg
Bottlecap figure collection! Admittedly the Victini is my brother's, haha, but I love the detail of these figures.

 photo DSC02450_zps0fd22eaa.jpg
And my current collection display! I've been redoing my room so this is my only display space for now. Hopefully once Ikea comes out with their new collection I'll find something to go with my room. :>

Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but Tomy is releasing new sets of evolutionary line figures, Mega forms and Mega Stones! More info here and a photo under the cut!

I wonder if the Mega Stones would fit into that Mega Ring they're also selling!

Once again, I am also looking for merch of Pumpkaboo and the Gengar line, Luxray line, Chandelure line and Pyroar line!

Also obligatory Sales Post plug!

Tags: grovyle, mewtwo, reshiram
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