bobsama195 (bobsama195) wrote in pkmncollectors,

UPDATED SALES and rambles

I've updated my sales with some extra stuff I got as well as stuff that I weeded out of my collection. Please check it out. Got lots of random figures, some plush, and lots of cards

I've been trying to weed my collection and only focusing on the Tao quintet and some dark types but it's hard to weed out my plushies ;_; Plushies are my favourite and if I can get all of the Tao quintet plushies (besides the Banpresto ones...I dunno, their plushies of them are weird in my opinion. Guess it's cause those Pokemon are rather detailed) in <possibly> both Japanese and American version and all of the lotto figures of them, I might consider my collection of them complete, only casually buying random items of them when I see them. That's all I really need, so why is it so hard to get rid of my non-Taos and dark type plush? Sorry, I'm sort of rambling OTL

When I get closer to moving for Uni, I might actually bring myself to do some EXTREME weeding but for now, just what I have in my sales post can go.

Also, anyone going to Anime North? I think I'm going to participate in Nomi (the garage sale/flea market type) to sell my Pokemon things there (among other Anime, Japanese brands, and Yugioh things)

Anyways, anyone else have weeding problems? Got things that don't fit in your collection but you just love it (I'm so mixed about my Cresselia Pokedoll. It's not really related but it's cute and I guess it does parallel Darkrai. I might have to bring myself to EXTREME weed it out though since I need the money. It's so cute and minky!)
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