Quid (inanequiddity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What's this? DISPLAY CASE is evolving!

Please excuse the non-pokemon items, I've only got the one case to display everything.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show off my new display case for my collection. Click the cut above if you'd like to see it!

Also, here's a few new gets:

TOMY Eevee and Chespin, along with canvas Growlithe and Vulpix! Vulpix and Growlithe were both from the comm, and I love how Growlithe's flipped-back ear and Vulpix's head tilt makes them sit next to each other really well.

And a couple of wants:

I did not take the following two photos myself - if they're yours and you'd like them taken down, tell me and I'll do so : )

(Image from the I love Eevee info page)
Laying I love Eevee plush! I'm sure plenty of people have made a wants post of this before - but I thought it might still be worth asking what the situation's like now.

(Image from Ebay)
Chespin and Fennekin Cushions! (I'm not particularly interested in Froakie)
I'm not sure how to get these beyond Pokevault and Noppin - the latter of which is a bit beyond my capabilities atm : (

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a nice day!
Tags: chespin, collection update, eevee, fennekin, gets, growlithe, vulpix, wants
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