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Lucario's huge clearance sale (part 1)

I decided nine crates of Pokemon 'to sell later' was exactly too much to store, and my parents need their spare bedroom back! So it's time for a massive sales blowout! Apart from one or two items, anything that does not sell will be eBayed in a big lot, or donated.

I will be posting a second lot of items in the next few days. Mainly figures and lots of flats. If you want to wait on that stuff, and see something you want today, simply pay for your order today, and tell me you want to wait. :)

(Picture drawn for me by aceattorneygirl)


And much more! Everything from 1:1 Turtwig to teeny tiny zukans
Jakks Talking Turtwig - $15 Shipped worldwide - clean condition
Says, "Turtwig?" "Turtwig!" "Turtwig." Battery included:

On eBay

16" DX I Love Pikachu MWT - $40 Shipped
05 - 2opH8Tq

Large Pichu - Eyes varishes with new white dots, one ear does not stand up, clean and cuddly - $18 shipped worldwide (heavy)

12" Unofficial Jolteon - $20 shipped - ruff has been sewn in place to a professional standard, it usually flops around on these guys.
10 - zlNythd

11 - 4p71Rbd

12" Unofficial Eevee - $15 shipped - clean
12 - UVw1KpR
13 - jwOq71Y

Jakks Dewott - $12 Shipped - clean
15 - lHPSa9g

Super fuzzy Hasbro Pikachu - clean and new condition - $18 shipped (very heavy, weighted butt)
16 - DECmXQg

10" Play by Play Eevee - $20 shipped - clean, excellent tush tag condition

Super fuzzy Pikachu backpack - $33 shipped - new condition, fits teenager or slim adult
22 - 4ExEXLn 23 - VEcxdx0

Charizard treat keeper - $12 shipped
42 - SpsuoZE
43 - aWbfvBO

14" Big Play by Play Blastoise - $20 shipped - Great condition, tush tags only

14" minky Tomy Oshawott - $30 (shipping not included)
28 - iKdbIc5

1:1 Turtwig Tomy from Pokemon Centre - $100 before shipping, pokecen bag freebie
He is 20 inches long and 12 inches tall - not including his leaves
Professionally cleaned condition, some small loving wear on his tips of his feet and stalk
31 - FrEpXSc 29 - 6D1yl7u

Banpresto Mewtwo - $18 shipped
36 - 5gLdPFC

Unown - MWT - $15 shipped
39 - 1JC34nl

Skymin -MWT - $15 shipped

Pokeball pikachu - $10 shipped
47 - DzEx7BS 48 - A3vT4i9

Burger King Aerodactyl - $17 shipped
44 - X7yZDtE

Minky Sableye Beanie - $25 shipped
46 - Xw7LqOL

Lucario USA Pokedoll - $22 shipped - Clean but cuddled condition, tush tag intact and clear

Groudon LARGE action figure - $15 shipped (in a box)
One claw has been repaired with superglue leaving a hairline crack if you know where to look

Clear Tomy Lucario - $10 shipped

Arceus Battrio - $6 shipped

Zorua, Zoroark, Legendary Dogs Bento bag - $20 shipped
One from my personal collection, will not be offered again


Dex charm set - $50 shipped

Munchlax charm - $8 shipped

Croagunk Rumble U figure - $9 shipped

Piplup Rumble U figure (mint in black bag) - $10 shipped

Tomy Coin lot - $25 shipped (heavy)

Typhlosion Zukan piece - $10 shipped

Latios and latias Movie Zukan pieces - $12 shipped for both

Raikou Zukan - $15 shipped

Lucario Zukan - $12 shipped

Purugly Zukan - $12 shipped

Scenic Zukan - $12 shipped

Zekrom lot - $12 shipped

Mewtwo lot - $30 shipped

Zorua Zukan - $10 shipped

Dialga lot - $25 shipped

Reshiram lot - $25 shipped

Shinx lot - $13

Wigglytuff lot - $30 shipped (will not be offered again)
Flat is an unused origami and instruction sheet

Golden Notebook - $10 shipped

Unused scorecard with spotgloss - $8 shipped


Crocheted Piplup, Raichu Backpack, Lotto Meowth with pikadoll, etc

Items here are for offer, please reply to the thread for the item with your offer.
Lotto Prize Meowth - Offers over $20 please (shipping not included in price)

Raichu backpack (full size) - Offers above $50 please.
Clean condition, some loved fuzziness to his paws and ear tips but fur otherwise great, embroidery and eyes excellent
Selling due to not being able to fit my 3DS in him, which is my criteria for a useful backpack

20 - 7wyNZrn 21 - q14QZEO

Piplup Crocheted Banpresto Plush - Offers start at $15 (shipping not included)
Great clean condition, tush tag included
53 - DNTisv1

Silky double sided lanyard/strap - Offer over $20 please
Very long, very smooth, no idea what it's for

- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
Quotes asking for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

Holds / Quotes:
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, please say so in your comment!
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