Shannon (queenofnarnia) wrote in pkmncollectors,


PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE someone go in on this with me! I have been going nuts looking for an Eevee set, and that's all I want from this!

I am willing to pay a total of $70 American dollars towards this. And even if we go halves THE REST OF THE FIGURES ARE YOURS. I don't care if that's a rip off for me! *salivates over it* And also, it'd be great if you were good at/had an account at SMJ or Crescent Shop as I cannot figure it out for the life of me!

*crosses fingers ever so tightly* Also, if anyone here is willing to sell their similar set, I will pay $80 including shipping and handling if you have it. :D

EDIT: Was able to get an Eevee evolution set! If you all want to continue planning a group buy on this amongst yourselves, please do! Also, there are a bunch of these on the Phillipines eBay. Search using the term Pokemon 1/40 selten.
Tags: group auction, zukan
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