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mini sales <3

Hii guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I do have a few new additions to my collection but I'm still expecting a couple more so I'll post when they're here too =3

But for now, I have a few things that I need to sell so here they are ^^


- Prices are in USD.
- The following prices do not include shipping, please let me know which country you are in for a total quote.
- Payments to be made via paypal please.
- I will hold items for usually a maximum of 3 days.
- I love trades, Pokemon I collect include Piplup, Pikachu (I am really looking for a pokedoll or UFO catcher), Mudkip (DESPERATELY looking for the Bandai plush), Marill, Buneary etc. XD
- I am completely open to haggling, so feel free to make any offers =D
- If you have any questions or want to see more pictures, whatever, let me know! ^^

DX Dialga Kid - $3
Only the big Dialga is for sale, the normal kid is for size comparison ^^

Bandai Torchic Plush ( It's about 8 inches tall) - $5 SOLD!
Again, Piplup kid is NOT  for sale, it's purely for size comparison

Manaphy Card Case - $4
Yes, the only BK toy I had, and then I got another XDD
Oh and the BK card isn't with the actual case

Pikachu cups - $4 each

Pokekids - $1 each

Action flipz folder - $3

Action flipz - $0.50 each
And as I said, I am looking for a Pikachu pokedoll or a cute UFO catcher, so if you have one that you want to sell/trade, do let me know! =3
Tags: bronzong, dialga, geodude, graveler, manaphy, pikachu, plush, sales, torchic
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