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Photostory: Access to Club Pokekid!

More kids! I got 5 more from.... somebody but I can't find who it was? *freaks out* Sorry! If you see this and know it was you, please let me know so I can properly reference you, haha! Anyhow, this photo story is for the new arrivals, trying to get into the "club." See the whole story under the cut!

And speaking of new arrivals, I got my long-wished-for Lucario Tomy plush the other week! Thanks so much to pacificpikachu for him! I didn't know how SOFT he is! :3

(Warning! This is IMAGE HEAVY)

Welcome to Club Pokekid! The hottest party in all of... my room!

Here come the new kids!

Salem got IMMEDIATE access to the club, because of his friendly gestures. Atop his lookout, he giggles in delight at his friends outside.

Dialga and Palkia closely guard the entrance to da club.

btw, I built that place >:D
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