Tingles Your Taste Buds! (rinkatink) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tingles Your Taste Buds!

Last-Minute Reminder!

Hello, beautiful people! I just wanted to toss in a brief reminder that all auctions (save for those that have ended early at BIN prices) for the DX Plush I featured earlier end tonight at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. If any of you were interested, now's a good time to get those bids in. ;3

Current Auction Status:

Chimchar DX Plush: BIN @ $35 | jilduck AUCTION CLOSED!
Pichu DX Plush: Starting Bid @ $15 / BIN @ $25 | No Bidders!
Turtwig DX Plush: $20 | kefanii
Piplup DX Plush: $20 | megguendo

I've also still got a ton of items still left over from my sales post still seeking new homes. Next shipment day for everyone who's kindly paid already is tomorrow's Monday, and I'll be revisiting the post office on Tuesday for anyone who's interested and pays tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥
Tags: plush, sales
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