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Random collection post

Me and my boyfriend went to an auction house yesterday- and we ended up with a lot of cheap furniture! One of the items  we came across a tall, large display cabinet. we have no idea how old it is etc, but we bid on it and won it, for £12!
And this is what it is being used for (please mind the messy room!):

It's really great 'cos I can store very large plush in it (Lucario is the biggest plush I own, and RejectBoi is in there too!) which was the intention of buying it, I have now stuffed all of my "nice" plushes in there (they used to hang in the closet but bf wants it for eBay storage), they are in a dust-free environment, the doors lock up, and they are behind glass so I can see them at all times which I love! One problem is that it smells a bit musty in there even after cleaning it, and they look like they're in a prison. Oh well...
Another thing I bought was a box of plush toys, most were really horrible but I picked out an old dilapilated teddy with a dislocated arm which I will work on fixing and a red scarf with bells on for RejectBoi- but I only found it thanks to these two:

Gengar Tomy Plush & Pikachu Gameboy Bag- I bid on the box for the bear but don't want these- does anyone else?
$3 for Gengar (good condition) with $3.60 $5 shipping ($8 total) & $1 for Pikachu (poor condition, pen on one cheek) ($4.40 $6 shipping so $7 total)- or a trade's fine. Will accept offers. (crossed out prev s/h prices as I worked them out wrong-sorry!)
Shipping will be cheaper to UK.

And if anyone cares for the bear here it is:

For some reason I love ruined old bears, I feel sorry for them- but I'm not a bear collector!
Here he is with a bear I have had for a while:

"Daddy, tell me again about the Great War..."

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