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Long time no see!

Hey, everyone! It's been quite a long time since I've been around, so I'd like to reintroduce myself! :'D

"Click the cut, Old Sport!"
(Because... who doesn't need Stoutlock Holmes talking like Gatsby?!)

Before I head on, the lovely sculpture is of my OC Stoutlock that the lovely Akeyma made for me! :)

So, hopefully some of you remember me! I'm Cheaneulle, but please call me Rem or Remi because it's way easier, haha. I'm from Wisconsin and aside from collecting Pokemon, my passions include lolita fashion, writing, red panda conservation, collecting dolls (BJD, Monster High, and a few other lines), spending time with me family, and constantly bothering both my boyfriend and my cat! :'D

The past year I've taken a break from the community I have graduated from college, started a business with my boyfriend, and we bought a house in December! It was pretty much the most busy year ever.

Our business if called Your Way Anime, perhaps you've seen us at conventions? We are mainly at Midwest conventions and we specialize in rare and out of print Pokemon plush! (Though, we do also sell Kigurumi, board games, other anime merchandise, etc.) Will anyone be at Anime Detour? That's our next show! (Also, totally click here and like us on Facebook, haha!)

Now, more about my Pokemon collecting! >:D My main goal in collecting Pokemon is to have the largest Lillipup line collection! I absolutely adore canine Pokemon and the 'Pups stole my heart! Here's a link to my collection site, though it is out of date currently! Aside from puppy Pokemon, I also have a main collection of Pikachu, with side main collections of Zigzagoon/Linoone, and the Legendary Beasts! I also collect all cat and fox Pokemon too! The Gengar line, Alakazam line, and others are also favorites of mine. :) Most recently I've been wanting to have a large collection of Tyrunt/Tyrantrum! Ugh, Lord Chompy! (That's what we named mine in my Pokemon Y game, haha!) He was with me since he was resurrected and he was with me until the very end! He totally kicked butt and took names! :'D That aside, I collect lots of random Pokemon too, haha. Take a look at my website when you've got a chance! :)

I also have two OC's in Pokemon, so far! First is Stoutlock Holmes (as shown above). Doesn't he make just the perfect detective? In my Stoutland collection, you can see all of the items I've had made for him! :) He's also got a trusty partner named Doctor Watchog. :B Aren't I so clever? LOL

My second OC is Sha-Lei! She's a Zigzagoon that always has a pink or red ribbon on her! I named her after a red panda that I fell in love with at a local zoo (before she was transferred to a different zoo.). Zigzagoons are just too flippin' adorable. Click here to check out which my Ziggyzag OC stuff and the rest of my Ziggy/Linny collection!

Anyway, I'm really glad to be back in the comm! And, I've got like a mountain of friends plush that I'm going to put up for auction soon because I just don't know what to put on them, LOL. (Sales permission from Dakajojo on 12/04/11)

Thanks for reading! :D

Tags: auction, collection, introductions, stoutland, zigzagoon
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