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Collection update-ness~!!

New Piplup kid figure, courtesy of Sunyshore. Something's clearly got Piplup shocked, most likely the sight of a bright sunny day in England after a week of non-stop rain and flooding! Thanks Gin~!

Tropical Piplup arrived via ailillui on eBay with a strawberry ice cream in hand! So adorable, and with good taste in ice cream flavours to boot!

Tropical Pachirisu, also purchased from aililiuiiuliuiuiiiliuiulllliii on eBay, was all excited over the thought of being sent from Japan to Hawaii~! Woo hoo! It's just a shame that she didn't realise sooner that 'Hawaii' wasn't spelled E-N-G-L-A-N-D. Still, she doesn't seem to mind ending up in the polar opposite of a tropical paradise. Either that, or she really likes sitting on her own head like that...

These stamping things were sent to me by happyjolteon, cushioned by cinnamon-coated almonds and strawberry liquorice! XD Thanks again Toz!

BK Pachirisu! A cheap and cheerful addition to the collection, and a great way to hold my Pachi cards in place! At least, it would be if the cards didn't then get in the way of the soft toys behind it ^_^;;

Pretty far removed from Piplup and Pachi, but I couldn't say no to an Ash Ketchum lack-of-action figure at our resident summer anime convention for £3! He doesn't look too happy about Minun choking the life out of him though. Oxygen or no oxygen, he's still determined to be the greatest etc, etc, of all time!

And finally, shootthetanks surprised me the other week with this cute felt Pachi plush she made for me X3

Definitely the pride of my collection now! Thanks again Tarnia <3

Suffice to say, I think I'm going to need separate shelves soon-ish @_@;;

Thanks for looking~!!
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