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Offer a lot of random stuffs

All paid packages have been shipped out today! Let me know when you receive yours. Here is my feedback thread:

Hi, comrades. I am doing a spring cleaning and these are the last stuffs I am going to let them go to a new home for hug. Basically I will take any offer for three days or when the interest dies based on whichever comes first. I accept a minimum offer of 25 cents and that is also the minimum increment of the offer. Anything that doesn't sell are freebies and participants have the priority to pick a freebie they want before they go to the public domain. You need to pay for the extra shipping cost if that is the case. *giggling*

Here is my updated sales policy. There is no tracking beyond the US. I am sorry but it is not the problem I can fix.
Just forget to add my sales permission and feedback.
Sales permission from denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Feedback: New | Old
1.Prices are before shipping, material, and PP fees. I charge a base rate of $2.50 for US shipping, and $7.00 for international shipping.
2.Always ask me for a quote if you are unsure about how much it will cost you.
3.I ship from State College, Pennsylvania, United States.
4.I am an "intermediate" shipper based on my college work, but I will ship everything out on the weekends at worst.
5.The default shipping method will be First Class Mail. Items sealed in bubble wraps can be put in either a bubble mailer, or a box with your choice in balance of cost and safety. I would talk about it with you with my opinion on it.
6.Tracking will be included for package inside the US. For international packages, the tracking will stop after it leaves the US in general. Sorry but we have some problems in regard to online shipping label here.
7.I will NOT refund if your package is lost or damaged after I prepare for your package in a way we both agree at. I can show you the picture of the package. Although the case rarely happens based on the business I have dealt with, you should ask me to put additional insurance on your package if you are concerned about such accident.


Edit: I am also going to take offer on this Y bird and X deer 3 ring binder. I went to the PA State Championship last weekend and won this as a door prize. I am not going to keep it since it will need a lot of room in my luggage when I move out. Offer above $5 and minimum increment of $1 for it. Note: it has a weight over 13 ounces so get prepared for the high shipping cost. Any suggestion how should I mail this out safe and cheap?

And these coins and dice (have a small chip off in accident). Offer above 25 cents same as mentioned in the first.

Something to make a note here:
1. The Eeveelution Deck Box behind is NOT FOR SALE. I use it to bolster for the Trainer Kit and Jolteon's box.
2. The Black & White 2 Player Trainer Kit has been used. All cards are there and with condition excellent to slightly played. There are no major bent, scratches, wears, stains and so forth. The paper mat as well as the rule list has tear but it is still okay to play. The Poison and Burn marker are missed as well as one or two 10HP damage counters I guess. Overall, it is still good to be used to play for beginners. Here is a link to Bulbapedia about the details of this trainer kit for your reference:
3. Lucario and Infernape stamps are the only ones having plenty of ink left. Other than that, you probably need to get an ink pad.
4. It may not be there in the photo but Oshawott will come with its bottle cap.

If you have more questions, leave them in the comments. I will make some threads right now, and you can offer when you see a thread is up. All threads are up now!
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