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Pokemon grocery shopping and nurse Joy questions~

With all the snacks post floating around I figured I'd hit up the grocery store and see if I could find something!
The white chocolate pretzel sticks have a guess that Pokemon quiz on the back ft. Pumpkaboo. I thought maybe they included pan stickers, but when I opened one up they didn't >< the box is still cute though and the pretzels look yummy~
The seaweed packs are actually really adorable. They're cut outs of different Pokemon and you use them to make cute Japanese lunch boxes! The one I have features Chespin, Litleo, Pikachu's head, and Ampharos but there's in total about 40 diff Pokemon and I want another one that features Lucario.
The box with Sylveon, Eevee, and Fletchling is instant curry. Dunno if it's yummy but the box is cute ^w^
The mini gummies are my favorites, the art featuring eeveelutions is super cute with Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon all winking! Here's a close up since you can't really see the art.

Photo 2014-03-28 17 30 17
Also these stamps little rectangle stamps. They're simple, but I really like Meloetta and Dragonite <3
Photo 2014-03-27 11 29 18
I also found this awesome children's book that has a page featuring all the Eeveelutions and some others having a party with Sylveon xD
The book included a page of stickers that I couldn't resist so I grabbed this right away.
Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 52Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 10

Lastly, I have a question regarding this card if anyone has any info? Pretty clueless about cards, but I've been sort of wanting some nurse Joy stuff and this card is super cute, but expensive! ;-; I was wondering if it was just super rare/limited, or it was just because of nurse Joy's cuteness. ♡ ( `▽´ )Ψ
Seen a few trainer collectors and Team Rocket collections, but also wondering if there are any nurse Joy collectors?  ('o')

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