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Sales once again!

Some quick sales again heres the preview:
 photo preview.jpg

Please read the rules, if you fail to do so I WILL know

ALL pkmncollectors rules are in effect for this sales post
some_text #1. I recieved my sales permission on 10/04/2012 from dewott. And here is a link to
my feedback:
some_text #2. I ship from the US and use USPS as my preferred shipping service.
some_text #3. I only accept payment in the form of Paypal
some_text #4. Shipping is not included in my costs and will be added when you ask for a quote, please do ask for a quote before you commit to buying.
some_text #5. Haggling may be accepted on some items please ask but don't feel offended if I turn your offer down some things aren't as negotiable as others.
some_text #6. Trades are not being considered at this moment sorry.
some_text #7. Please ASK QUESTIONS if you are curious about something I would like to know. I may not have thought of every detail when posting the description of an item but you can bet I will help you out if you need to know anything
some_text #8. I will NOT sell to banned members of pkmncollectors

 photo prices.jpg

MWT Flareon DX "I Love Eevee": $25.00
MWT White Kyurem Pokedoll: $45.00
MWT Snivy Banpresto: $7.00
Zoroark Banpresto: $5.00
- Loved Tush Tag only
MWT Reshiram MPC: $8.00
Tags: flareon, kyurem, reshiram, sales, snivy, zoroark
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