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Pokemon Kids Auctions!~ (including originals and clears!)

First of all - thank you to everyone who gave advice on Pokekids pricing earlier!! ^-^ I've decided, that since most of the kids I'm selling now are clear, to auction them starting low- it seems to be the fairest way of doing things :) From what I can tell by looking at japanese kids sites online, quite a few of the kids are from the first few sets ^-^ See under the cut for the auctions!~

Sneak peek!~

~Auction Terms~

* Auctions end one week from now - at Midnight GMT on Sunday 14th September
* All kids start at $2 (apart form one!) - please reply to the correct thread to bid, then everyone can keep track
* Any obvious flaws with kids are stated - please feel free to ask if you want to know more!
* Shipping is as follows (for up to 4 kids): $4 to the US/Australia/Canada/Asia, $3 to Europe and $2 in the UK ^-^ (for more kids, let me know and I'll give an estimate)

First up - Pika kids!

Lying Down Pikachu (has some rubbing to the paint on ears/nose) - $2 (Current high bidder: mizu_rei)
Surfing Pikachu (board missing!) - Starting Bid: $1
Surfing Pikachu - $4 (Current high bidder: killerjaw01 )

Charizard Line

Clear Charmeleon 1 - Starting Bid: $2
Clear Charmeleon 2 - Starting Bid: $2
Non-Clear Charmeleon - Starting Bid: $2
Charizard - $2 (Current high bidder: killerjaw01)

Random Non-Clear Kids

Mr. Mime - Starting Bid: $2
Dragonite - $2 (Current High bidder: phaethon)
Psyduck -  $2 (CUrrent high bidder: devi_white)
Magikarp -  $4 (Current high bidder: meowthcollectori)
Porygon -  $3 (Current high bidder: callyfin)

Venomoth - Starting Bid $2
Non Clear Nidorino -  $2 (Current high bidder: mizu_rei)
Koffing - Starting Bid $2
Eevee -  $2 (Current high bidder: kiohl)
Growlithe -  $2 (Current high bidder: mizu_rei)
Fearow - Starting Bid $2

Clear Poliwag - $2 (current high bider: deadfishie)
CLear Mewtwo - Starting Bid $2
Clear Jynx (black face, not purple ^-^) - $2 (current high bidder: regen)
Clear Tauros - $2 (Current high bidder: mizu_rei)
Clear Slowpoke -  $2 (Curret High Bidder: yaoi_queen)

Clear Nidorino - Starting Bid: $2
Clear Weedle - $2 (yamadahachi)
Clear Drowzee - Starting Bid: $2
Clear Metapod -  $2 (Current high bidder: scarsofsunlight)
Clear Spearow - $2 (phaethon)

Clear Ninetales - $5 (Current high bidder: vulpixlover)
Clear Vulpix - $4 (Current high bidder: vulpixlover)
Clear Sandshrew - $2 (Current high bidder: mizu_rei)
Clear Kadabra - Starting Bid: $2 (current high bidder: meowthcollector)
Tags: charizard, charmeleon, dragonite, eevee, fearow, growlithe, jynx, kids, koffing, magikarp, mewtwo, mr. mime, pikachu, porygon, psyduck, venomoth, vulpix
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