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Hello everyone ! I'm new here !

Hey guys ! I'm so happy to finally be a member here !

Short presentation : I'm Léa, I'm 14 and I live in France. I recently started to collect Eevee and Sylveon, but I always loved Pokemon, thus I own quite a lot of things.

Enough about myself , Here's my

2014-03-27 21.15.51

So here's my current Sylveon collection, AKA nothing. But it will get bigger !

2014-03-27 21.17.43

One of my favorite items, my custom hair clip, with the two Eevee & Friends Sylveon Ippai Figures.

2014-03-27 21.18.27

A plush ! My very first Sylveon item.

2014-03-27 21.18.58

Sylveon Eevee & Friends keychain. Infortunately, her paint job is a bit failed and her eye isn't on the right place.

All my Eevee & Friends Eeveelutions figures !


Here's the kid figures ! I own a lot of them, because they were very popular among children in my elementary school. Most of them are very old. ( 6-7 years ? )

I discovered Eevee with this figure. I loved it so much, I always played with it. Now it's old and misses paint, but I still love it !

All my Kid Eeveelutions. I used to have Glaceon, but I gave it to my step-sister because she liked it.

Glameows. It was my favorite Pokemon when I was 9-10 years old. The very used one was my lucky charm at the time, I carried it pretty much everywhere ! There's even nail polish on it.
I traded a random figure for another one just before I left elementary school.

Mew ! I really like the sitting one. It's in very good condition.

Random kids. I have several other ones, but they're in my grandma's attic. I'll find them soon !

Other figures :

I found these two in a flea market for 50 cents each, when I was 10. Back then, I was convinced that they were sooo rare !

Lugia Zukan. I infortunately lost the base.

Braixen ! One of my most recent gets.

Tiny Eevee keychain, which was bought to be a pendant. But finally, it's so beautiful that I fear I would damage it while wearing it. ;^;

And finally, this Groudon guy ! He always have been one of my favorites, and even as a kid, I took great care of it. He's so detailled for a gashapon !

Um... Games, because Wynaut ?

Now, plushies !

Old plushies, Arceus bootleg and random Snivy.

Last item, this Marill plush. It's the first Pokemon item I ever owned. I got him when I was 3 ! That's why I love this plush so much. It makes sounds, and after 11 years, it still works !

Thanks for reading and taking a look at my collection !
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