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Okay, last time I made this reminder, my trip got pushed back a week... fingers crossed this time. XD

Quick reminder that I am going to Nintendo World tomorrow and hosting pickups! We got hats, gen 6 starter pokedolls, 1:1 plush and more! Click the image below to go to the pickup post:

I was originally going to save my Spring Swap gets for my next post which would be a collection update, but since I'm here making a reminder post anyway, let's have a little fun and post it now!

My Spring Swap gifter was banaa1212. At first I was SO confused, because i recognized their address from buying plush from them before. I was way too excited and opened my package in the living room when I usually wait until I get upstairs. XD

photo 1 (7)
What could be inside this box that I flipped up-side down because I'm too lazy to mark out addresses?

photo 2 (7)

Since the note mentioned a pink pouch, I dug for that one first!

photo 3 (7)

..and when I say dug, I basically did have todig through this box. Look at everything!!

photo 4 (7)
AH! Okay. So My boyfriend and I have fancharacters. His is a shiny ditto and mine (of course) is a female Pikachu. These custom charms of them are just soooo adorable!! <33 I hope I can force convince my boyfriend to use the other <3

So next, I went with the small yellow Pikachu bag!

AWWWWW!!! So cute!!! I need to use this on my backpack from now on!!!

I then went with the blue Pokemon Center bag:

photo 5 (7)

AHH!! Pokedolls that I'm missing!! <333
Fun fact: Out of the three years I have participated in the gift exchange, this is the first year that I haven't accidentally received a pokedoll that I already own. What's even better is that I got this before my NW trip, because Audino and Riolu were next on my "want to purchase if available" list. Yay for no post office delays!!!

And now, saving the largest package for last:

image (4)

AAAHHH. LOOK. AT. HIM!!!!!!!!!

HE IS THE SOFTEST MOST ADORABLE LITTLE CHRISTMAS PIKACHU!! I've wanted this little guy for a while, but never added him to my Wants post because I already have too many images due to TCG. I am so lucky to have such an amazing gifter pick out such great gifts for me!!

Again, thank you banaa1212 !!!!

My next post will be a big 'ol collection update/re-organization! I'm just waiting on my new cabinet set which should be in on Tuesday! SO EXCITED!!!!

Thanks everyone! <33
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