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Some gets + Shiny transferred in Y

I only have one new Shiny to show you this time, Maractus.

I love his colors (even if this picture doesn't bring them out very well) and although I wasn't a big fan of Digimon, when I saw him I immediately thought of this :
That's why I nicknamed him Palmon :3

If I didn't get more Shiny, this may be because I transferred my old Shiny into Y and spent a lot of time in Pokémon-Amie and Super Training to get the Best Friends and Training Ribbons for each one ^^
Here they are !
Sans titre-1
I love them, they seem so alive in these games lol And I'm really impressed by Groudon *O*

So now let's see my little gets o/

¤ from Animeraro
One Mareep, two Mareep, three Ma...reep, ...fou...ZZZzzzz
Pikachu is the same as the Ippai one.

¤ from HobbyLink
Nice figures. And thus they filled a little more my RZK shelf :)

¤ from Noppin
HQ Eevee + Pikachu pair + Pumpkaboo = Cuteness x3
And I'm so looking forward to receive the DX Pumpkaboo <3
Pancham and Inkay are so cute too !
And I love Mew's pose, because when you look at him (facing the writing) he flees from you.

Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(bottle caps + MPC + Discounts)
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