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Pokemon Store Outlet

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody in Japan knows any more details about this store outlet that's re-opening on April 11th, 2014. The location will be at the Mitsui Outlet Park in Sapporo and it's only opened temporarily until July 21st, 2014.


I'd like to know how different their prices are to normal Pokemon Center prices? Could there be any Pokemon Center location-exclusive merchandise found there for a cheaper price?

I've cut back very heavily on collecting - getting maybe one plush every 1-2 months now. But I'd still like to know if there's anything interesting in this outlet store as it's the first time I'm hearing about it.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: It seems that someone in Japan made a blog article about last year's outlet store opening. Although it doesn't give a full picture, we now know that discounts can go up to about 50% off on selected items! There may even be another 10% off coupon that could be used. Thanks to chiisai_hime for the blog link, and to the author of the article.

PS: Now my 1 year anniversary update is 1 month overdue :( I wish uni holidays was here already so I have time to take photos.
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