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Sales Post

Here's a preview of what's for sale!

edit: I forgot to add these badges

Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
feedback page:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/polahbear/

I ship from the U.S. and international shipping for nonflats starts at $6.55 for small nonflats and $8.55 for smaller plushes. Domestic shipping starts from $2.50 I try to estimate the cheapest shipping possible (Pp and packaging fees are not included in my prices unless stated)

I accept Paypal only. When sending payment, please include your lj username, what you bought in the notes, and mark as goods. PAYMENT MUST BE SENT WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER COMMITMENT.

I am not responsible for lost items once it leaves my possession. If you need a receipt for confirmation please tell me. I will notify you when the package has been sent.(Usually by paypal for US buyers and comments for international buyers)

Please do not private message me about an item. Post it here. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MESSAGES! IF YOU NEED TO ADD OR MAKE CHANGES, JUST REPLY TO YOUR OWN THREAD

For OBO offers, people who offer to pay full price will get priority! First Come First Serve If there is a commitment for the same item below you, you have 12 hours to respond, or the items will go to the next person. PLEASE DO NOT HAGGLE!

PLEASE CLARIFY WHETHER YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE ITEM (WANT A QUOTE) OR IS JUST ASKING ABOUT THE CONDITION. For example: "What is the condition of _____? if it is ______ then I would like a quote to ____"

I will leave negative feedback if you back out of a sales

Clearfiles cannot be combined with nonflats

!:! Pc eevee (tush + hang tag, but hang tag has a small crease): $45
DX pachirisu UFO MWT: $60
MWT 1:1 Minccino: $45 (hold)
turtwig canvas (tush only): $9
chimchar pokedoll (jp tush): $10
palkia pokedoll (jp tush): $13
piplup pokedoll (jp tush): $10
Zoroa pokedoll (jp tush): $14
Lugia pokedoll (detached MINT hang tag jp + tush): $23
Xmas pika: $25
terrakion (sold)
tepig pokedoll (jp tush): $14
ambipom (jp tush): $32

PC delphox MWT: $47
PC dedenne MWT: $19
MWT sub plush: $21
MWT sub keychain plush: $16
MWT Meowstic M/F: $18 each
MWT greninja: $46

Sitting ILE jolteon plush MWT: $12
Sitting ILE flareon plush MWT: $12
Trump card jolteon MWT: $14
ILE jolteon keychain plush MWT: $10
ILE eevee keychain plush MWT: 8 (hold)

Pokemon time straps are $11 each except for mew which is $12 (Xatu sold)
Dedenne pc strap: $12
Grass type focus notebook: $8
sylveon pressed coin: $7
ho-oh preorder figure: $4
Pokedoll charms: PIKACHU AND EEVEE ARE $5 EACH ( ignore oshawott and dragonite)
Pokedoll charm set with mewtwo: $20
bunnelby chupa: $4
fennekin chupa: $7
fletchling chupa: $4
froakie bathsalt figure: $5
MIP charmander minicot: $10
MIP charizard minicot: $25

X&Y pokemon clearfile holder (never used, just opened): $13 (hold)
Pikachu Oops sketchbook (opened once, but never used): $18
mini sylveon clearfile: $6

medichamp: $4
scizor, Ampharos, agron, mewtwo x, mewtwo y: $5
everything else is sold

All X&Y clearfiles are $6 each all pokemon time clearfiles are $7 each (sylveon is gone)

Packages paid today/during the weekend will be sent out on Monday
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