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Discussion: What is actually mint? Also: sales plug

Hey guys,

I want a little discussion with you!

Now being on the community for quite some months, I wonder what MINT actually means for plushies?

I have noticed that collectors store their plush very differently. Some keep them behind glass, some put them on shelves, and some cuddle with them occasionally.

So I just wanted to ask, is there actually some kind of straight rule for when a plush is MINT?
I have the impression that what is actually mint differs from person to person.
For example, if you sell your plush that's sat in your shelves as MWT (mint with tags), doesn't that actually mean that some dust has settled on them for sure? And isn't it actually not really mint then anymore?

Maybe I am a bit too influenced by the TCG mint register though where some cards aren't even properly mint when they come out of package, so they're really strict. I have the impression that the mint category is not as strict with plush. What do you think?

Also: What do you expect from a mint plush? Is it okay for you if it is a bit dusty? How do you get rid of the dust? Do you dust your plush regularly, and does this affect their condition?
Or do you just touch your plush with gloves or something? :D

I keep my plushies on shelves and I am kinda paranoid about dust. I notice that the fur of some plush, especially when they have a light color, gets slightly "darker" over time meaning that dust settles on them. What can one do to prevent that?

I am really interested in this, so let me know!

Also: a shameless sales plug! :o
My custom art sales are still up to date and actually, nothing didn't sell from my straight sales so far (only commissions). So please have a look :)
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