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Well, that was ONIXpected! I got trolled hard + new shenanigans, grails, and spaghetti

Hello community. I hope you are all finding this week spooktacular.

I got a new package from Japan yesterday and I was so hyped to get it, I saw the mailman coming and I didn't even give him a chance to ring the doorbell!
See, this package was suppose to contain something I had never seen anyone have before as far as I knew. I thought it was some sort of special lotto thing from the I Love Gothic promotion from last year. SO I THOUGHT. Appearances can be deceiving and it's funny what a little plastic wrap can achieve.
And I also got out of my bat caveroom to take pictures of a few important pieces I have obtained since I was already in my dining room taking pictures of the maximum trollage that had happened. My big lamp broke and I can't upload pictures to my Flickr album because it is wayyyy too dark in my room for my potato camera to take decent pictures.

This trolled me so hard, I couldn't even get mad and just thought I would share the hilarity.

What I thought I was getting...

During Christmas, I started to use a deputy service and I had seen this I Love Gothic Gengar pillow/plush I didn't have pop up on Y!J. How could that be possible?! I was convinced I had collected all the pieces involving Gengar. (I'm still missing the clearfile/little things but meh) It was what appeared to be a TUBE pillow; I never actually got to see the official announcement from the Pokemon Center when this promo got released because I didn't collect back then, so I was merely going by what I kept seeing pop up.
Anyway, it wasn't just the pillow up for offer; it was a LOT, with other stuff I didn't particularly give a Ratata's tail about. I couldn't justify spending 3500 yen on just that(plus the other things were figures and would drive up the shipping), even though it was the only one "that looked like it" on Y!J. I had seen only two others like it pop up and one that was going by itself sold one day for 2000 yen while my defenses were down. (I was broke!)

Anyway, the lot stay untouched until February, when the seller lowered the price to 2000 yen. Something I always found extremely odd was that, under the impression that this "tube" pillow was some sort of lotto thing, there wasn't people clawing at each other trying to get it like it usually happens with Gengar items.

I got my money sword and headed into the battlefield because I knew this thing wasn't going to stay untouched any longer with that massive price drop.
I thought I would have an easy time until a challenger appeared; I knew I wouldn't lose but this person WOULD NOT GIVE UP and kept driving up the price. AGH. They must have been watching the auction like I was too and decided to stop at 3300 yen before it actually surpassed the price it had stayed at since December. A smart move, challenger!
I was super psyched I won but was a bit annoyed at the price I had to pay; just 200 yen short of the original dang price. Plus the way this increased the shipping on my next package; the auction came with two of those N figurines and a HUGE Eevee figure.

I had to wait two shipments to get my SUPER SPECIAL Gengar pillow because $40 shipping ftl. But once I got it... well, it was obvious why NO ONE WANTED this "super special"/WTFBOOMRARE pillow for TWO months. The next pictures should be self explanatory, haha.

An Oddly Familiar Face... It Couldn't Be...


THEY'RE THE SAME THING! Just the one I had been eyeing for so long was in this weird,contorted position with its arms and ears hidden behind by the plastic! The seller never took a picture of the backside but it didn't take me a second to turn to look at its backside as soon as I got it because of how identical it was to the one I already had. I facepalmed so hard; this Gengar plush was actually the first thing I got back in October when I started collecting and what pushed me to keep collecting. And I overpayed for my first one, too! A whooping $80; I didn't know any better.

Now I overpayed for it again! xD ahnsdkajhfgh
These are all over Y!J going for as low as 1800 yen. ಠ_ಠ

Go ahead and laugh because I did too. I wonder if this would have happened to anyone else or am I really just that derpy?
It wasn't all a loss; the N figures sell for $20-30 and I'm sure there will be people who will always throw money at the Eevee. I'll end up selling them eventually, as I'm not interested in them.


Hopefully somebody got a kick out of that one! Here's some gets straight out of my bat cave. I have gotten other things but they're back in this awesome shelf thingy my mom got for me. Now if she would only get me a new lamp...
Warning: somewhat picture heavy from now on.

I finally got the last of the Gengar kids that I needed! Well, almost. Now I am only missing the clear Gengar attack kid but I'm in no rush to get it plus I haven't even spotted it. Thankfully, all the kids I've gotten of my favorite Pokemon are in very good condition. I'm very picky with kids, for some reason. Not so much with other stuff.
I also was fortunate enough to get this fricken amazing MiP Giratina Zukan. IT TOOK ME 30 MINUTES TO PUT TOGETHER. Lots of pieces and the wings felt really fragile, so I was afraid they would snap if I put too much force. >_>

Some old school stuff! Look at that derp face on the Gengar Chara Dash. ಠ_ಠ Priceless.
Remember how I said people "claw" at each other for Gengar stuff? That little Gengar keychain was one of them. -_- Ugh, it costed me 2500 yen! What the heck, mang. I guess it's really rare or something... I wasn't expecting to pay anywhere near that much for it. I'm still annoyed by it, haha.

It is breathtaking. q_q I love this clearfile.

I'm a sucker for awesome packaging and even though the first and last strap ARE EXACTLY THE SAME (I see what you did there, Banpresto >_>), I couldn't wait to get all three of these! They look so awesome together. These are apparently called "Base Set Figure Strap" and set 6, 7, and 8 feature Darkrai. I also got the clear Darkrai Tomy! He's kinda hard to get in good condition and even then, he's scuffed on the side a bit but I plan to repaint that tiny spot later on since I'll never resell him anyway.

What if I told you,
that this MiP Giratina lotto figure costed me 475 yen.
Granted, the shipping was 1500 yen and then to ship it to my house... AN ARM AND A LEG.

I don't know how the heck this went under the radar; now I see this going for 5000 yen. Do people just don't like Giratina? lol
Everything is there and the box is like new. I took him out the box to check and that wonderful "NEW" smell greeted me; I still can't believe I got this for so cheap. But as you can see, I am running out of space! So he will stay in his box but I think he will come out once more to post a few pics on my Flickr.

...What was that? Don't be silly, this wasn't taken in my bat cave; it is never daytime in my bat cave. UNLESS I OPEN THE WINDOW, which is forbidden.

Giratina made me do it. He would get angry with me if I didn't show you that beautiful lotto figure.

During the past three months, I was also able to achieve something which I thought would take me AGES. I got three of my top grails and they look so epic together! I always could only dream of actually having these three figures in my hands.


AWWWWWWWW YISSSSSSSS! >:D I finally have them! All three of the beautiful Darkrai Kaiyodo sculptures! Before I even begin to babble once more, a HUGE shoutout to El Enterrador, as he is called. I found him randomly doing a search for the Darkrai TFG and he agreed to sell me his TFG, which is in PERFECT condition. He is an awesome dude; much respect.

HNNNNNNGGGGG, I can't decide which one is my favorite! adldjdlhlhkl @3@ I'm at loss of words when I see them together like this. They were worth EVERYTHING.

Back in my intro about two months ago, I was disappointed I didn't have anything of my third favorite Pokemon, Metagross. This has changed! I kicked off my Metagross collection with a BANG! and the majestic steel titan now shares a shelf with Giratina and will soon get his own shelf as I get more stuff.

When I said a bang, I meant the awesome Metagross Kaiyodo Chess Piece! It's so majestic; well fit for the epic steel titan! I spazzed out when I saw it and there was no hesitation on my part. It even came with its paper chess board thingy. I wouldn't say it's super rare but just expensive! I think what will kill me is the Metagross TFG; I've never even seen the darned thing for sale. But I haven't been looking. I got Metagross' clearfile and the Tomy MC-120. A slow start but it's something.

You've stuck around this long, here's another spooky get I obtained recently. It's not Pokemon related but it's definitely one of my most prized possessions now!

I lurk in the shadows and only come out every once in a while.
But it is always awesome to be part of this community and I wish everyone the best of luck with their collections and goals!

Club Nintendo Luigi Figurine
Luigi is my absolute favorite Nintendo character. He reminds me of myself at times. Three years of stashing Club Nintendo points finally paid off! This sold out within hours of it being announced on the North America Club Nintendo website and I'm so fortunate to have one of these gorgeous figurines. There's only 5,000 copies; mine is number 1,774!
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