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Spring Swap Gets! <3

Hello everyone! I'm here to share the lovely surprise that I just retrieved from my mailbox: my Spring Swap gift!! (More like I was stalking the mailman from my window because I had a good feeling about the mail today) :D This was my very first time participating in a PKMNCollectors gift exchange, so I was ecstatic to finally join in the fun! ^^
What have you found there, Lotus? :0

The timing of this package couldn't have been any better. I've been having a surprisingly terrible spring break: my father came down with a case of cross-contamination food poisoning that left him in the hospital in critical condition for 5 days. He's doing much better now, but my family has been nothing but stressed for days on end. We had to cancel all our vacation plans and scramble around like madmen. Then, to make things worse, I had an excrutiatingly painful orthodontist appointment. My darn mouth problems never cease to give me a break, and today was no exception. I may have gotten my braces off for good, but I still have a lot of work left to do with my pesky mouth of mine!!

So anyways, I apologize for the ramble. I just wanted to get the point across that this gift made my entire day so much better. <333 It's funny how the little things go a long way! ^^

Like a proper lady, Lotus insisted that we read the note before anything else x3
What a lovely note! The stationary was a gorgeous clover pattern with adorable desserts! Gotta love pretty stationary. <3
My gift is from ktmonkeyj !! WOW you even were in Japan to pick out my gifts?! This letter brought the biggest smile to my face. :)))))

"Look look!!"
Those green tea Kit Kats instantly caught my attention. I never left it on my form, but Kit Kats are by far my favorite candy!! And I've always wanted to try these famous green tea flavored ones!! But aside from the treats, I also received a wonderful set of glittery type focus stickers…


A sleepy Snivy strap!!! I never imagined I would find one of these- they are surprisingly hard to find nowadays- let alone be gifted one! Sleeping Snivy's are the best kind of Snivy's, so this strap is very special to me!!! <3

But that's not all!!!

You don't even know how close I was from buying this calendar page from your store earlier this week, ktmonkeyj ! xDD Thank you for such a unique psychic kitty flat! ^o^

And if that wasn't enough already, she even threw in the Snivy puzzle piece pin and a Snivy pressed coin! I didn't even know they had a Snivy penny mold in the Pokemon Centers!

I even got to embellish my new red retainer case with these adorable stickers that were attached to the envelope. I guess that's why I had no choice but to get a red case- to match the stickers! x'D

I can't even begin to thank you for this amazing present, ktmonkeyj. I really appreciate all the thought that went into making it so special. <3 You made my day so much brighter!
I can't wait for the next gift swap- they really are a ton of fun! Until next time, have a great weekend everyone!
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