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small gets!

Hello everyone, happy Friday (or Saturday!) Today I bring you a small but mighty gets post!

gets banner

I got my very first Pokemon kid today! I had never really thought about owning kid figures but once I saw how detailed they all were I decided to get one of my favorite Pokemon, Vaporeon! She's so cute in that crouching position.


Next, I got yet another addition to my small Eeveelutions ippai collection, a smiling little Vaporeon!


Vaporeon kid is totally judging me... xD

Lastly is my very own Sylveon PokeCen standing plush! I've had quite a frustrating history with trying to own this plush but now that I finally have her, I am extremely happy and grateful to finally own her. Thank you, kumatora!


My Vaporeon figures all blend in to each other in my opinion, plus the Pikachu hand towel doesn't help out, it feels like they're all going to disappear into the water and leave me without a Vappy collection. Please excuse Elsa, she's trying to command the Vaporeon army xD


Here's all of my pink Pokemon with shiny Sylveon! Aren't they all so cute :D


Thanks for reading and while were at it, why not visit my sales post, I've dropped prices and added more Pokedolls there's lots of pretty neat stuff and I'm even letting go of my Whimsicott pokedoll!
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