j_ule (j_ule) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Gets Post

So, I'm here today with a little gets-post!
I just have to show it to you because getting these was like one of the happiest moments in my collection life! :D

Here's a little preview :D


*wiggle wiggle*

I am sure you know to whom these tails belong! ;)


Welcome everybody my two Helioptile Pokedoll brothers! <3 Yeeessss, I got TWO of them! °^_^° This is actually the first time that I got two of the same plush :D But I just had to. Helioptile is my favorite 6th Gen Pokemon! I am just super super thrilled to finally hold this little cutie in my hand. ^__^
Look how different they look! The one on the left is a little cuter, the one on the right looks a little more "adult". :D And I immediately fell in love with the one on the left. I bought two because I will keep one MINT in my collection, while the other one will be looooovvvvved as if there was no notmorrow! <3 :D I cut off the tag from the one on the left and put it on my shelf where my collection is. ^^

Look at their cute faces *___*


Helioptile used flash! Helioptile brightened up j_ule's life!!


They are already derping around :D


Aaaand, I finally got myself a Charmander Pokedoll for my collection too!


Honestly, I am not all too satisfied with the Pokedoll. I somehow think that a lighter orange tone would have looked better, and overall, I expected it to be.. I don't know hard to explain... more defined? o_O Well, he's cute anyway, and every Charmander collection needs one! :)

Thanks for looking/reading :)
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