Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

Halloween Contest Entry!

My first ever entry!
Anyway upon hearing the news I knew exactly what type of costume I wanted, and who I wanted to use; Karen the Raichu in an evil Skymin costume
"Kelly, I'd rather dress up as a Skymin than a pumpkin- 'cos, y'know....":

"Kelly, the hole's too big!"

I used her as a guide, and it was very fiddly but we got there in the end.

Why Skymin and not something scarier? Well the Raichus detest the Skymins for being near-favourite to them, and I get nightmares of how much I've spent trying to make the collection! It was supposed to be an evil Skymin, but what could I use on plastic for face-paint? I'm glad I didn't use a Zukan!
Another scary thought- what if they had hybrid children....

Anyway, enough yap & zap; here's my ENTRY PHOTO:

(pumpkins by Gin)
Tags: contest
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