silverinfinity (silverinfinity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Member!

Like many, I'm a long-time lurker and have only had reason to post recently. See, I'm a collector, but admittedly I never really dabbled in Pokemon collecting (so overwhelming! How do you guys do it?!). I have an extensive HTTYD collection and have a few side ones.

Anyway, to the point! I'm starting a new side collection of one of my most favourite pokemon ever, Sharpedo!

Thankfully, my lovely dark shark is not very popular and doesn't get a lot of spotlight attention, so I'm hoping this won't be jumping in the deep end. I just wanted to ask, what is out there? Fellow Sharpedo collectors?

I've seen some TCG, a handful of figures and some stickers but I don't think there's any plushies. Anyone know of any metallic figures, etc? I'm interested in buying! Currently I have absolutely nothing. I've purchased a normal kid off Y!Auctions but that is literally it.

I look forward to being more active here :)
Tags: collection, introductions, sharpedo
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