charizard_14 (charizard_14) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Member

Hello everybody I am new to pkmncollectors and to livejournal. I learned about Pokemon during the gold and silver series after watching one episode I knew I was hooked

I am new to collecting and the things I really want to collect are pokedolls and maybe some plushies along the way. The only pokedolls I have are Charizard,giratina,gogoat and raichu.

I hope with the help of the community I can expand my collection and I look forward to being more active.

The pokedoll I want right now is the Japanese suicune pokedoll so if anybody has one or knows where I can get one please tell me :)
Tags: charizard, giratina, gogoat, introductions, pokedolls, raichu, suicune
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