pegasus2010 (pegasus2010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder: Offer a Lot of Random Stuffs Plus Wants

Hi, comrades. This is just a sole reminder and wants post. I am doing a spring cleaning and these are the only ones I need to let them go to a new home before packing up the rest of my collection. There are good stuffs like Flareon Ippai Figure, Jolteon 2011 Tomy MonColle, and a Black & White 2-Player Trainer Kit (Played) which do not have an offer on them yet. Besides, the minimum offer is ONLY 25 CENTS. Yes! 25 cents plus shipping to pick up these cool guys. I am taking offers for less than another day and they are all ready to YOUR HOME!

Click the image below to transfer to the original post to offer.

(Right now both Lucario & Infernape stamps are gone)

I am also searching for a 2006 Pokemon Center Diamond & Pearl Empoleon Deck Box. There is no luck for me during the past month, so I bet it is time to post it again if someone who missed my last post owns it. I really, really want to get it from your hands.

Till next time, I will make a collection post for my upcoming Japanese Altaria & Espeon cards. Stay tuned and keep an eye on for these shinies!
Tags: empoleon, tcg, wants
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