sophiesplush (sophiesplush) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Poster Sale

Hi guys! I drew this poster and am offering 11"x 17" signed prints for sale! I will take orders until the end of the week, when I will go get them printed (minus the watermark, of course)

-I ship in America only right now (sorry guys, that's all I can handle rn)
-The cost is $15 shipped. This includes all fees! Though if you want tracking, that is an extra dollar. Once I ship something out, it is not my responsibility (though of course I can provide proof of shipment), so please say so if you would like to add tracking. :)
-I got sales permission from entirelycliched August of 2013
-My feedback is here:

This was originally drawn with PITT pens and Copic markers. I am open to selling the original, but please know that I won't take less than $100 for it. If you can't afford that at least there are prints for $15!
Tags: custom, sales
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