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Jakks Plush Received! Shipping payment required

This seller was pretty fast! I always appreciate that. :) So, today my lot of Jakks plush came, so Pikachu and Vulpix now have a new home with the rest of my hoards of plush. :3 The plush are in MUCH better condition that anticipated. They look brand spanking new. ^_^ Well, except Vulpix. One eye is smudged and shows it's age. But that's okay. I still love it. ^_^

Anyway, a couple of people now owe me shipping for their specified plush. Details under the cut. Quite a few are still up for grabs.

Manaphy is thew only one lacking a tush tag. The plush were taken care of, which is always nice to see. Now that Mewtwo is in my possession, I found that he's actually a rare Applause plush. Who knew! ^^; He's so tiny. All are still available except the ones I will mention below. $5 for Mewtwo and $7 per Jakks plush. Seriously, these guys are in pristine condition. Not one mark or smudge and are very soft. :)

Those who me money for shipping:
bonjovis: you live in the US, right? If so, shipping will be $3 for Oddish
scarsofsunlight: $3 shipping charge for Tentacool

_nofuturenohope: you owe me nothing till your Minun pokedoll comes in the mail. ^_^

For the two mentioned above, please send payment to yaoiloverhotmail @

Thanks so much! ^_^

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