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Anime at Abbotsford get's + a question

hello everyonne~
I hope you're all feeling better then I am ; 7 ; I'm currently sick with a terrible cold (and it's getting worse //sob) even though I've been home from school it's not very fun.

so on sunday I went to Anime at Abbotsfords cosplay bbq! it was my first time going! I've always wanted to go but never had anyone to go with XD I was the Mabel from Gravity Falls for those who went :>

anyway onto the get's \ o 7 o /


ASDFGHJKL THE PLUSH IS SO CUTE. I haven't got battery's for it yet though//sob
it's so soooft and cuddly! it would also work well for a cosplay prop....NOPE I DON'T NEED MORE THINGS TO COSPLAY

eevee clipping figure!
it's so cute asdfghjkl it's little running pose just ; v ;
mine is not very good at staying on it's stand though lol
Galvantula clipping figure :D
so i've started to collect spiders! because spiders are adorable! (even though irl I am terrified of them lol, but I guess here in AUS lot's of the spiders are either huge or deadly!)

I lovelovelove the joltic line! I actually had a Galvantula in my team in bw2 (It would be on my team atm but heliolisk takes the electric spot!)

it's hard not to love fluffy spiders! (haha fluffy things remind me of flufflepuff lol)


my first little helioptile item! I was going to wait till I find the helioptile/vaporeon set, but it hasn't shown up anywhere.
boy am i over the moon to have a helioptile item though! Helioptile is just the cutest little lizard ; v ;
i've always loved lizards, when I was little I used to catch skink's in the back-garden (I don't think the liked me very much though)
helioptile and heliolisk remind me of frill necked lizards haha :>

next my question:

are these safe to eat? the left is from 2013 and the right from 2010 (i'm mainly asking about the 2010 one lol) they seem perfectly fine, my mum recommended to just throw out the 2010 one, but it seems a-ok. they should put a use by date lol

thank you all for your inputs! i have decided to chuck the 2010 out and eat the 2013 (when I feel better at least)

thanks for reading~ I'll be getting back to watching Jurassic Park now :v

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