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Hello, I'm Kurochu, I'm 23 years old and I live in Belgium. My hobbies include: watching anime, reading manga, drawing, gaming, and customizing My Little Pony toys.

I've been a member for a few months, but I didn't post an introduction because I didn't really have time. ^^;

My favourite Pokémon is Umbreon, but I actually like all the Eeveelutions, especially Umbreon, Espeon and Eevee. My other favourites are: Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu and Lugia.

I mostly collect figures and plushies, I don't really collect cards anymore because I can't display them.

Here are some pictures of my collection I took a few days ago:


Sadly some of my Eeveelution Pokédolls are bootlegs, but I didn't know at the time. I paid a lot for them too. :( They sell a lot of bootlegs at conventions, and it's hard to find official Pokédolls here in Belgium. >_<

My Flareon is legit though, she still has her tag too. ^_^ I think Umbreon and Espeon are official ones too, but I'm not sure, they don't have a tag so it's hard to tell. The Jolteon in the picture is a bootleg, but I received a legit one today, the real one looks so much cuter. :) I will take some comparison photos of them tomorrow.


I also have Pokémon X, my friendcode is: 1805-3293-2016 and my friendsafari: Pancham, Meditite, Riolu. Feel free to add me.

Thanks for reading! :)
Tags: collection, eeveelutions, introductions, pokedolls
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