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Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

April Fools Day Sales!

I'm having a special sale going on right now for perler sprites, I will make you your whole team (6 Pokemon) for only 5 shipped anywhere.
And big ones start at 10 each (rather than 15-20)~

I came up with it a second ago because I'm two dollars short of getting something, so I figured I might as well make it into my April Perler Post xD Success, six pokedolls have been bought. Thanks again pandaeatworld for showing me the eBay seller, I haven't been so happy to buy something for a while now XDD


photo 5(1)

Rules are found on this post:
And TCG trades are still going on here:

Also once again, if you bought anything from me (not including commissions) it shipped a few days ago.

Edit: this is important- please put what you bought in the memo. Unless you want me tracking you down for your address later XD
And please note this will take some time, but I'll keep you updated as I make them :)
It can take up anywhere from a week to a few months depending on where your comment is, so be aware of that!!

21 commission's are done!
(it's now exactly one week after I posted, and I made 40 sprites so far. I'd say that's pretty decent progress 0w0)

Here they are myntii :D

perler pic 1

Personal favs: Entei and Shiny Sylveon
Personal least fav: Vaporeon - I'll be using a different sprite for Vaporeon in the future!!

And these are the ones for the trade:

And these are yours noibatcutie :3

perler pic 2

Personal favs: Normal Phantump and Dusclops
Personal least fav: Shiny Milotic (the tail colors didn't quite work the way I wanted them to ;w;)

These are yours ivyaggron~


Personal favs: Shiny Karrablast and Aron <3
Personal least fav: Rayquaza- I don't know why, for some reason this sprite just doesn't seem to work well with me xD

vulpeslagopus - the mega Absol didn't work out to well so I did the Shiny Buizel instead :3

Currently my favorite team out of the ones I've made <3

Personal favs: Shiny Buizel and Espurr
Personal least fav: Yveltal - the sprite looks good but I kept messing up... this guy took me hours xD

sophiesplush yours have been completed~

I liked making this team a lot- I chose Froakie and Bulbasaur in Y :3

Personal favs: Greninja and Whimsicott
Personal least fav: Venasaur (nothing in particular makes me not like him, I just like the other sprites better :P)

mastershambler you got a freebie cause I accidentally made the whole Bulba line xD


Personal favs: Ivysaur and Bulbasaur
Personal least fav: Venasaur xD

Here is the other team:


Personal favs: Sharpedo and Linoone
Personal least fav: Machamp

The ones for your brother are done kasumisukimix!


Personal favs: Greninja and Houndoom
Personal least fav: Pikachu (I wish such a cute pokemon had cuter sprites >w<)

Here are yours creampuffoholic :3


Personal favs: Noivern and Oshawott
Personal least fav: Piplup (pieces of dust kept getting in it while I was ironing... getting them out without ruining the sprite was a challenge XD)

Next team (sorry for the bad lighting)


Personal favs: Fennekin and Leafeon
Personal least fav: Glaceon (for some reason the colors just didn't look as nice as I wanted them to :/)

Yours are ready hanteninuyasha! So many eeveelu's~ 0w0


Personal favs: They're all kinda equal
Personal least fav: NA

Next team:


Personal favs: Leafeon and Flareon
Personal least fav: Vaporeon

onathursday here are yours!


Personal favs: Sylveon and Leafeon
Personal least fav: Inkay

opossumpanda these are yours :3


Personal favs: Raichu and Dragonite
Personal least fav: Pancham- the coloring of his fur is really difficult to do with perler colors, I did the closest color I had but it still looks sliiiighty off ;w;

dsl_weegee here are your two sprites


You just have to attach a string to the top bead, and you'll have your charms ^^

kingfeebas here are yours-

Personal favs: Klefki and Feebas
Personal least fav: Shiny Grimer

selwylde here are yours :D


Personal favs: Espeon and Umbreon
Personal least fav: Vaporeon (I was gonna not use this sprite anymore, but I figured it would look better if it matched the Flareon and Jolteon xD)


Personal favs: Shiny Ninetales and Serperior
Personal least fav: Glaceon I guess

mitchichen here are yours-


Personal favs: Pidgeotto and Rattata
Personal least fav: Helix fossil xD


Personal favs: Bisharp and Gallade
Personal least fav: Lucario

prawnographer here are yours-


Personal favs: Shiny Seviper and Mega Mawile
Personal least fav: Shiny Milotic

kayeechu1993 here are yours-


Personal favs: Snorlax and Mew
Personal least fav: Lugia (the ironing on the tail was kinda strange for some reason)


Personal favs: Mega Lucario and Shiny Mega Lucario
Personal least fav: Lucario

avew14 here are yours-


Personal favs: Mega Charizard Y and Lapras
Personal least fav: Mew

okgod here are your three teams :D


Personal favs: Clefairy and Haunter
Personal least fav: Maybe Octillery? I don't know xD


Personal favs: Blissey and Scizor (though I kinda really like all of them for this team xD)
Personal least fav: Slowking


Personal favs: Gogoat and Noivern
Personal least fav: Meowstic- the eyes look weird to me lol

mcmc11 here's the Raichu :D

raichu 1

raichu 2

j_ule here are yours~ I wasn't able to make Natu walky and I didn't have a template for side views, but I hope you like them!


Personal favs: Natu and Omanyte
Personal least fav: Oddish

Still need to finish:


Also- please please PLEASE leave me feedback!! I want to get to 100 0w0
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