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Sorry to post twice so quickly, but I think some unexpected collection weeding may be in order. ^^;

Of course when my life is most chaotic, simultaneously my grail appears somewhere and someone backs out of a deal I was depending on to be able to afford things. (No one on this community, don't worry!) Sooo I picked some things out from my collection and decided to put them up for sale.

Sales Policy (Short version)
* I hold for twenty-four hours unless we've had successful transactions in the past. In that case, you have three days to pay. :)
* Allow me at least a week to ship. I'm a busy college student!
* Shipping fees include packaging and Paypal fees, so they'll be a little more than just shipping itself.
* I take Paypal. No eChecks right now and no concealed cash at the moment either.
* Let me know if you're international so I can calculate adjusted shipping. I live in the US.
* Only claim things if you're serious about buying them, and I reserve the right to refuse selling to some people due to their record in the community.
* Let me know if you have any questions or want additional pictures

Pachirisu Pokédoll -- $17 (SOOOO CUTE AND SOFT! No tag, otherwise perfect condition.)
Mime Jr. Pokédoll -- $7.50 (No tag, but perfect condition otherwise!)
Buneary Jakks Plush -- $5.50 (No hang tag, but otherwise perfect condition!)


Cyndaquil Pokédoll (No tags, otherwise in excellent condition)
Skymin Pokédoll (Mint condition with tag--looks 100% brand new) -- $22


Corsola Pokédoll (No tags, otherwise in excellent condition) -- $15


Buneary Korotto UFO Plush (New condition with tags) -- $8.50
Pichu UFO Plush (Slightly worn, no tags) -- $6.50
Jakks Pichu (New condition with tags) -- $6


Piplup Summer Plush (New condition with tags) -- $12


Clefable Friends Plush (TINY bit of wear, but excellent condition!) -- $7
Lugia Friends Plush (Mint condition, very rare--REALLY don't want to part with him but I will reluctantly for this price.) -- $30


Talking Togepi (Doesn't talk, a little worn, about 8" tall) -- $10
Talking Pichu (Mint condition, talks and moves, very rare and old! About 8" tall.) -- $15 SOLD
*Note that shipping will be a little expensive on these--around $7 most likely plus packaging/etc.


Shiny Squirtle kids (Mint condition!) -- $10


All mint condition -- $4 each, or buy all four for $12
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