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Sylveontatstic Auction~!

Salutations from the land of the morning calm! I mean uh...hey look, merch from S.Korea!

So I managed to find a few sylveon goods, which are few and far between as of right now over here, because whoever is in charge of releasing merch here is taking forever, though I also suspect they're waiting until the next Pokemon Town event (this May!!) to release new things.

Anywho, I'm putting the stuff I found up for auction because I'm not an eeveelution collector, and I know a lot of people here love sylveon with its little bows and ribbons <3

Auction will last for 5 days, running from today until the 6th at 6pm south korean time (UTC/GMT+09:00)

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Prices do not include shipping/fees.

Auction timer can be found here

Warning: Pictures are pretty big, to show detail.

Jigsaw Puzzle

25 pieces, 7.5 inches x 6.5 inches, a little over 1/8 inch thick.

A little jigsaw puzzle, the kind for kids that are printed on thick hard cardboard. Front side features Sylveon, Pikachu, Spritzee, Fletchling and Chespin. and no, the corner is not damaged, that's the plastic covering it came in.

Back side features The eeveelutions family From the Eevee and friends short! Special guest appearance by Pikachu.

Bidding for this cute little puzzle will start at $5

Eevee and Friends school notebook

24 pages, 7.25 x 10 inches

Adorable soft cover notebook featuring the eeveelu family, along with pikachu, oshawott, wobuffet, and meowth. Has Sylveon and Eevee as the main feature.

Back cover features the eevee family with pikachu.

Paper inside is lined the same way most korean school notebooks are.

Note: the little white and pink thing at the top is not a sicker, it's part of the cover. I think it's where you write your name/subject or something. Also, the notebook is not a spiral bound one and those black dots on the side are from a different notebook I own, but it has the same kind of paper. The actual eeveelu notebook has not been opened much, just flipped through to count the pages.

bidding starts at $5

Meewtwo and Genesect Movie Clear file

Not strictly eeveelution themed, but has them at the bottom. Has a slight curl on the bottom part due to being packed in a box that was a little too small.



bidding starts at $5

And finally, my favorite piece here, this gorgeous Eeveelution mouse pad!

8.5 x 7 inches, plastic with foam back. It's actually pretty thin, but I'd imagine this would be more for display than use anyway. Features the playful eevee family and their friends from the short film; Pikachu, meowth, and oshawott. Still in plastic.

bidding starts at $5

Oh, and I have restocked my sticker shop with the sticker booklet for the Mewtwo Genesect movie, so there's more Sylveon goodness there!

Blue Furret sticker shop!

Please refrain from bidding until all threads are up. Bid away!

Grats to the winners!
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