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Justice for all

Xerneas tin

Today I bought the Xerneas tin, it's my first tin and I thought I'd take some pictures of the unboxing. ^^ Actually, there was some very big surprise pulls inside!

Front and sides of the tin. ^^ I think it's very pretty, it'll be perfect to store some of my extra cards in. That's what they're made for anyway. XD

What's inside, an extra code card, an Xerneas Ex special card and four booster packs. I was expecting four XY packs so this surprised me, but legenday treasures is my favorite expansion so I'm pretty happy.

I opened the plasma blast pack first, loving the pretty art on the cards, then surprise at the end! Jirachi EX!! I'm so surprised by this card, it's so pretty and I never expected to own it!

Legendary treasures pulls. Nothing too special, but pretty Gardevoir holo and holo Landorus! Yay!

First XY pack, all doubles, except that solrock is one I needed. And the one energy card is reverse holo... No holos in this pack.

Second XY pack, can you spot it? Do you spot it?? Mega Blastoise EX!! I'm so happy with this one! I didn't have it yet, so I was super excited to be getting it. Yay <3

P1050994 P1050986
Close up of my EX pulls!

So is it normal to pull more EX cards in a box like this? I'd expect it to be random and you still have to get lucky.

Thank you for reading!
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